Daily Rental Rates
1 day$349 per day$349
2 days$299 per day$598
3 days
$299 per day$897
7 days
$256 per day$17942
Month (31 days)
$222 per day$6882
Fees and Extras (All rentals require $50 Cleaning Fee)
Mileage Per mile.  75 miles included for each day rented
.75 cents
GeneratorNot usually required for staying at Campgrounds with full hookups. Per hour$3
Dirty RVExtra charge for RV’s returned with filthy exterior/interior.$250
CleaningRequired for all RV rentals, normal cleaning of RV and linens for rental use$50
ProvisionProvide a list of items and we will stock the RV, fee is in addition to cost of items$25
DeliveryWe deliver/setup and take down/return RV from your site,  Plus 3.00 per mile over 20 miles.$175
LateCharged in 6 hour increments, 24 hours late would be $400.$100
StationaryFor rentals where you won’t drive (move) the RV you get a discount from daily rate.  ASK!